How to enhance preparedness and instil adaptability in designing superior innovation strategy?

By Mattia Vettorello and Boris Eisenbart

A dynamic interconnected scenario

Opportunities lie behind challenges that in the present need to be overcome to lead to a prosperous future. As such, what we now perceive as uncertainties and ambiguity could become a lever to drive innovation rather than form an obstacle. The societal system is highly intertwined and ever-changing making opportunities sensing very hard. In Snowden’s Cynefin framework, such systems are within the chaotic space. The other spaces are called simple, complicated and complex. The chaotic space is characterised by novel practices. There are, therefore, no ‘best’ or ‘good’ established practices. An exploration through action…

Como aumentar o preparo e instilar adaptabilidade no planejamento de uma estratégia de inovação mais evoluída?

Escrito por Mattia Vettorello e Boris Eisenbart

Surpreendentemente traduzido por Giovani De Luca e Julio van der Linden

Um cenário dinâmico interconectado

Por trás dos desafios existem oportunidades que uma vez superadas no presente nos levam para um futuro próspero. Dessa forma, aquilo que hoje nós entendemos como incertezas e ambiguidades podem se tornar um incentivo para a inovação ao invés de nos criar um obstáculo. O sistema social é altamente interligado e em constante mudança, dificultando a identificação de oportunidades. De acordo com o framework de Snowden…

¿Cómo mejorar la preparación e inculcar la adaptabilidad en el diseño de una estrategia de innovación superior?

Escrito por Mattia Vettorello y Boris Eisenbart

Asombrosamente traducido por Abril Chimal

Un escenario dinámico interconectado

Las oportunidades se esconden detrás de los desafíos que deben enfrentarse en el presente para dirigirnos a un futuro próspero. Si dejáramos de ver las incertidumbres y ambigüedades como obstáculos, podrían convertirse en un incentivo para impulsar la innovación. El sistema social está muy entrelazado y en constante cambio, lo que hace difícil detectar e identificar oportunidades dentro del entorno. Utilizando el marco Cynefin de Snowden, existen dominios conocidos como simples…

Designing Bio-Driven Business Model (BBM)

By Mattia Vettorello and Boris Eisenbart

How to design sound and adaptable businesses that promote a resilient and sustainable vision?

A fascinating complexity

The natural environment is a complex system that can be defined as multiple layers of interlinked open sub-systems. These sub-systems operate at the intersection of human beings and natural actors (for this article, “natural actors” will refer to all animate beings other than humans). Such systems and their relationships are extremely hard to comprehend as they are in constant change to better fit (i.e. advancement of the fittest) the ever-evolving states of the natural environment. …

By Mattia Vettorello and Boris Eisenbart

How to be innovative and support sharp decision making in unchartered territories for a sustainable future?

Acknowledging the need for creativity

The entire world is united in fighting the Covid-19 virus which comes just after a series of horrific events related to climate change that had already heavily impacted nations across the globe. Nowadays, humanity is extremely closely connected, clearly demonstrated as this virus manifests, making it easy for a pandemic to spread at an unprecedented rate. The high density of individuals living in urban communities exacerbates the chance of contagion. Moreover, convenient transcontinental travel enormously extends the reach…

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